Getting Details of the Domain Registration Order using Order Id


Gets details of the Domain Registration Order associated with the specified Order Id.


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
auth-userid Integer Required Authentication Parameter
api-key or auth-password String Required Authentication Parameter
order-id Integer Required Order Id of the Domain Registration Order whose details need to be fetched.
options Array of Strings Required Values can be: All, OrderDetails, ContactIds, RegistrantContactDetails, AdminContactDetails, TechContactDetails, BillingContactDetails, NsDetails, DomainStatus, DNSSECDetails.

HTTP Method


Example Test URL Request


Returns a hash map containing details of the Domain Registration Order as below:

  • Order ID (entityid)

  • Order Description (description)

  • Domain Name (domainname)

  • Current Order Status under the System (currentstatus) - value will be InActive, Active, Suspended, Pending Delete Restorable, Deleted or Archived

  • Lock/Hold on the domain name at the Registry (orderstatus) - value(s) will be resellersuspend, resellerlock and/or transferlock

  • Lock/Hold on the domain name in the System (domainstatus) - value(s) will be sixtydaylock and/or renewhold

  • Product Category (productcategory)

  • Order Creation (at the Registry) Date (creationtime)

  • Registrant Contact Email Address Verification Status (raaVerificationStatus) - value will be Verified, Pending or Suspended

  • Start Time of the Registrant Contact Email Address Verification Process (raaVerificationStartTime) - will not be displayed if the Verification Status is Verified

  • Expiry Date (at the Registry) (endtime)

  • Whether Order belongs to a Customer directly under the Reseller (isImmediateReseller)

  • Reseller Chain by RID (parentkey)

  • Customer ID Associated with the Order (customerid)

  • Number of Name Servers associated with the Domain Name (noOfNameServers)

  • Name Servers (ns1 and ns2)

  • Child Name Servers (cns)

  • Domain Secret (domsecret)

  • Whether Order Suspended due to Expiry (isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry)

  • Whether Order Suspended by Parent Reseller (orderSuspendedByParent)

  • Whether Privacy Protection allowed for the Product Type (privacyprotectedallowed)

  • Whether Order is Privacy Protected (isprivacyprotected)

  • Whether Order Deletion is Allowed (allowdeletion)

  • Registrant Contact ID (registrantcontactid)

  • Registrant Contact Details (registrantcontact)

  • Admin Contact ID (admincontactid)

  • Admin Contact Details (admincontact)

  • Technical Contact ID (techcontactid)

  • Technical Contact Details (techcontact)

  • Billing Contact ID (billingcontactid)

  • Billing Contact Details (billingcontact)

  • Delegation Signer (DS) Record Details (dnssec):

    • Key Tag (keytag)

    • Algorithm (algorithm)

    • Digest Type (digesttype)

    • Digest (digest)

Details differ based on the value passed for the options parameter:

OptionsDetails Returned
AllAll values listed above
OrderDetailsdomainname, entityid, orderstatus, creationtime, endtime, productcategory, isImmediateReseller, parentkey, customerid, domsecret, isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry, orderSuspendedByParent, privacyprotectedallowed, isprivacyprotected and allowdeletion
ContactIdsisImmediateReseller, isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry, privacyprotectedallowed, isprivacyprotected, registrantcontactid, admincontactid, techcontactid and billingcontactid
RegistrantContactDetails / AdminContactDetails / TechContactDetails / BillingContactDetailsisImmediateReseller, isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry, privacyprotectedallowed, isprivacyprotected and registrantcontactid / admincontactid / techcontactid / billingcontactid
NsDetailsnoOfNameServers, ns1, ns2, isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry, privacyprotectedallowed and isprivacyprotected
DomainStatusdomainstatus, raaVerificationStatus, raaVerificationStartTime, isImmediateReseller, isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry, privacyprotectedallowed and isprivacyprotected
DNSSECDetailsdnssec, isImmediateReseller, isOrderSuspendedUponExpiry, privacyprotectedallowed and isprivacyprotected